Our vision is to be a Christ-centered church,
growing Christ-centered people.

What We Believe

In one holy, almighty God, eternally existing in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, co-eternal in being, co-identical in nature, co-equal in power and glory, without division of nature, essence or being. Deut 6:4; Ps 90:2; Heb 1:8-12,Heb 9:14; Mat 28:19.
In the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Old and New Testaments; that they are infallible, inerrant in the original writings, and the final authority for faith and life. 2 Tim 3:16; Jn 10:35; Rom 3:1-2; 2 Pet 3:15-16.
That the Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, without ceasing to be God, became man by the Holy Spirit and virgin birth; that He lived a sinless life on earth; that He died at Calvary as a substitute and sacrifice for sinners; that He was buried in and arose from the tomb; that He ascended to heaven and was glorified as a man at God’s right hand; that He is coming again for His own and then to set up His kingdom. Phil 2:5-11; 1 Pet 2:21-22; Mat 1:20-25; Luke 1:30-35; 1 Cor 15:1-58.
That the Holy Spirit is a divine person who convicts the world of sin; that He is that supernatural agent in our spiritual rebirth in whom all believers are baptised into the Church which is Christ’s Body; that He lives in and seals them until the time of Christ’s return. John 16:8; 1 Cor 12:13; Eph 1:22-23; 2 Cor 1:22; Eph 4:30.
He is the divine teacher and helper who guides believers into all truth; while it is the responsibility of all believers to be filled with the Spirit. John 16:13; Eph 5:18.
That God created man in His own image and in the state of innocence. Through Adam’s transgression ‘sin entered into the world, and death through sin’ and, consequently, humanity inherited a corrupt nature, being born in sin and under condemnation. As soon as men and women are capable of moral action they become actual transgressors in thought, word and deed. Gen 1:27; Rom 5:12; Rom 3:23; Ps 51:5.
That salvation is the gift of God brought to man by grace and received only through personal repentance for sin and faith in the person, finished work and atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Eph 2:8; Acts 20:21; Acts 16:31.

Who is the Church of God?

We seek to fulfill God’s mission in the world. We’re committed to studying the Word of God and faithfully living it out. We’re committed to the mission that Jesus Christ gave every believer: to make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:18–20).
The Church of God movement appeared in the 1880s in the midst of the broader American Holiness Revival. The pioneers of the Church of God hoped to restore a more biblical understanding and practice of what it means to be the church. One of our early church songs says: “The Bible is our rule of faith and Christ alone is Lord.” This lyric still summarizes the core belief of Church of God people. We have not issued any official belief statement, and we have no formal creed. Yet, the following statements reflect the heart of the Church of God:
Salvation makes us members of God’s church. We believe that the church is composed of every person who has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. We enter into the life of the church, not by joining a denomination or a human organization, but by committing our lives to Christ
(John 3:1–7).
Christians are called to be one. We believe that God calls all followers of Christ to live in unity and peace, regardless of who they are or the church they attend
(Gal 3:28). While we may not agree on everything, we can rally around our subject, Jesus.
We must be holy. We believe that followers of Christ have been called to live a life of love, purity, and godliness. We are called to live like Christ, taking on a new nature
(2 Cor 5:17).

Biblical Principles


The Lordship of Jesus. There is one Lord, who is God’s Son Jesus Christ, over the church. Christ is the church’s ultimate authority on all matters (Acts 2:36).

  • Making Disciples. Each of us is called to fulfill Matthew 28:18–20, making fully devoted followers of Christ—disciples—who will then teach others to follow Christ.
  • Loving God and Neighbor. We are called to fulfill Matthew 22:37–39, not only loving God with our entire being, but also loving all that he loves.
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit equips believers with unique gifts that enable us to carry out the mission of Christ in the world. At the same time, the Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in every believer (Galatians 5:22–23), which demonstrate the Spirit’s presence within us.
  • Stewardship. Since God is the source of life, all of life is to be used for the honor, glory, and service of God (Psalm 24:1).
You will find a great diversity of convictions and practices within the Church of God. Though we have differences, we share a common story of faith, growing together into the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:13). We worship and serve as citizens of God’s kingdom. We celebrate our life in Christ and accept our call to be the body of Christ in our world—all to the glory of God.